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Public Domain

AKA, free stuff

Pst.. hey you! I’ll tell you a secret. Contrary to popular belief, some of the best things in life are indeed, free. You just need to know where to look.

Which as it happens is right here.

Consider this a portal to a galaxy of literally priceless sample data, audio tools, synths editors and other related content. 

We have samples of classic & modern synthesizers like the Roland Jupiter 4, Oberheim Xpander and Euroorack modular, vast construction kits, loops, kits, virtual instruments and a handful of editors for hardware synths.

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Modular Samples on Github

This leads to our GitHub project page. All of the public domain content can be in accessed from here. Please note for larger sample libraries the audio content is found on the reease page of the repository.

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Playable Demo


Want to try out some of these Public Domain  sounds in your web browser? Okay! You can!
Most Browsers will work, but only Chrome supports MIDI. Please note the demos uses converted MP3 files and the quailty of the original files is much better.

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Get Involved!

Have you improved, modified, converted or added to any of our repositories? If so get in touch!
Currently only Logic Sampler & Kontakt have decent support. Why not convert a library to your favourite sampler format?

Do you find the public domain stuff useful? If so please consider making a small donation or buying one of my fine products.

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