The Roland Jupiter-4 is a legendary analog synthesizer introduced in the late 1970s, renowned for its lush and expressive sound. As part of the esteemed Jupiter series, it features a robust build quality and a rich sonic palette that has made it a staple in electronic music production. 

The Jupiter-4 boasts a four-voice polyphonic architecture, powered by a single oscillator per voice, capable of generating a wide range of classic analog tones including thick basses, shimmering pads, and piercing leads. Its signature sound is characterized by its resonant low-pass filter and distinctive oscillator sync and cross-modulation capabilities.

 The Jupiter-4 also includes a built-in arpeggiator and a versatile modulation section, offering musicians a myriad of creative possibilities. Despite its age, the Roland Jupiter-4 remains highly sought-after by vintage synth enthusiasts and contemporary musicians alike, cherished for its timeless sound and iconic design.

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EXS24, Kontakt, SFZ & Falcon
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