A Russian string synth from the mid-80s.

This collection includes an elaborate set of "smart control" panels for Logic, a Falcon program with a basic user interface and a Kontakt 6 instrument.

EM-25 Front End

Two Kontakt 6 instruments that use the Elektronika EM-25 sample library.

EM-25 Front End LE

A single "oscillator" synthesizer with drawbar controls for each of the EM-25 sound groups, multi mode filter, 3 AHRSR envelopes 2 LFOs & delay. NOTHING FANCY :)

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EM-25 Front End XL

A dual "oscillator" version with a twist. Each drawbar in oscillator 1 can be tuned and modulated individually, essentially giving us control over 11 oscillators and 12 LFO's. As you'd expect this is great for massive pads, drones and orchestral effects.

EM25 Front End XL

Interactive Demo:


EXS24, Kontakt, Falcon
Public Domain