Wavetables for Retro Synth

337 wavetables and counting..

This collection distills the wider Modular Samples library into a bunch of wavetables, patches and Smart Control Panels for Logic’s Retro Synth instrument.

Recently updated with over 20 new wavetables, new patches and better organisation.



Copy the contents of each folder to the corresponding folder found in Music/Audio Music Apps/

Please note that by installing this collection you will loose any 3rd party or self created wavetables. This is because logic only allows 1 user wavetable file (RetroSynthWavetable.plist)


Patches: Load an instance of RetroSynth in Logic and select a patch from the Library window.

Channel Strip presets: Create a new track and select a preset from the Channel settings menu.

Track stacks: Create a new summing stack from the Tracks menu, then, from the library panel select a stack preset.

Note: Both channel & stack presets feature a Smart control panel that you may find useful.

Sample library disks