Oi, Grandad 2! 2.5.1b

  • Fixes broken pitch slider when not in sync mode
  • Removes loop player (too CPU intensive, may revisit)
  • Various UI tweaks

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Oi, Grandad 2! v2.5b

Oi, Grandad 2! is an updated version of the original "classic". New features include:

  • 4 Voices in one. Each voice now has 4 playheads with control of the position, pitch and so on. 
  • You can now chose between 1 of 8 presets. In true Oi, Grandad! spirt you can also modulate between presets.
  • A dedicated mixer panel with a simple EQ, compressor, simple reverb and a multistage delay/filter.
  • Each of the four voices new has a wave guide resonator at the end of the signal chain.

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Oi, Grandad v1.1.5

New in 1.1.5:

  • Disables native linux file browser
  • Attempts to improve gain structure
  • Fixes voice four pan
  • Slight performance improvements

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Tragic Automata: An Arturia Microfreak preset library Update

The latest firmware update for the Microfreak brought sample and granular playback modes that greatly extends the versatility of our tiny little pal. In response, I have updated this library with over 150mb of samples and a significant number of new patches. 

The update is free to existing owners and can be found in their Gumroad library