Xolotl is an open source "harmonic" synthesiser built with HISE. Plugins are available for Mac OS , Windows and Linux.

2 Harmonic, sample based oscillators

Each "oscillator" consists of 16 independently pitched samples. By default the pitch increments through the harmonic series, but can be un-quantised using the step knob.

Flexible 16 Stage Sample and Hold

32 oscillators need at least 16 sample and hold effects, right? maybe not under normal circumstances, but this one's a bit different. Depending on how it’s configured, it can act as an effect, sound generator or modulator.

16 Stage Multimode Filter

A bunch of filters with independent control of the cutoff. There's a ton of sonic potential here. Comb filtering, phaser effects and some very tasty interaction between the S&H section.


At the end of the signal chain is simple ADSR envelope and pan spread control.


Xolotl has 2 looping envelopes, 2 polyphonic modulators, a single free running modulator, A S&H LFO, a tracking generator.

Interactive Demo:


Includes over 200 samples from classic like the Oberheim Xpander, Roland System 100, Roland JX-3p and more.


VST3, Audio Unit
Windows, MacOS, Linux