Akai s612 ❤️ Modular

This collection pairs an Akai S612 with a Eurorack modular, A Elektron Machinedrum and a Jomox 999 . Hundreds of one shots, drums and patches.
  • Patches: 100+
  • Sounds: 500+
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & NN-XT  
  • Approx Size: 1.9GB  


Yamaha CS30L

A super flexible monosynth. It's like a CS30, but with legs and no sequencer. I know what I'd rather have.

  • Patches: 76
  • Formats: Kontakt  
  • Approx Size: 4.8GB  


Ensoniq ESQ1

A 3 oscillator digital/analogue hybrid released in the mid 80s. 

  • Patches: 31
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 3.7GB  


Fender Chroma Polaris

CEM based 80's polysynth. A pretty deep instrument with extensive MIDI control.

  • Patches: 51
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 7.7GB  


Roland JX-3P

An excellent Roland 80s poly synth. This thing is a lot of fun to play with.

  • Patches: 31
  • Formats: EXS24, NN-XT Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 3GB  


MFB Kraftzwerg

The Kraftzwerg is a tiny semi-modular device. It uses the basic Minimoog design (3 oscillators, 1 filter) but adds a bunch of patch points.

  • Patches: 13
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 1GB  


Roland JX-8P

Gosh! I love old Roland's and this one's a classic.

  • Patches: 18
  • Formats: EXS24, NN-XT Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 2.7GB  


Kawai K3

A collection of patches made with a Kawai K3.

  • Patches: 64
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 8GB  


Korg DW-8000

A six voice, dual oscillator polysynth from the mid 80s. It is a hybrid synth meaning it combines digital oscillators with analogue filters. 

  • Patches: 15
  • Formats: Kontakt  
  • Approx Size: 2GB  


Dave Smith Instruments Tetra

A 4 Voice poly synth. It has minimal controls but a big sound.

  • Patches: 31
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 8GB  
  • Misc: Link