Construction Kits

Oberheim Xpander Construction Kit

A vast selection of multi-layered, basic waveforms combined with 100s of complex patches.

As of May 2020 this project has undergone a pretty extensive overhaul. Many new patches have been added and all unlooped waveforms have been fixed (.exs only). Most significantly the kit has been broken down in to four separate libraries:

Roland Alpha Juno Construction Kit

Construction kit made with a Roland Alpha Juno. Includes tons of saw, square and noise waveforms, a bunch of patches and 2 Kontakt instruments.

  • Patches: 190
  • Formats: EXS24 & Kontakt 
  • Approx Size: 4.25GB  


Moog Minitaur Construction Kit

Construction kit made with a Moog Minitaur. A bunch of Saw & Squares in various configurations allowing you to create your own sounds. 

  • Patches: 68
  • Formats: EXS24 & Kontakt  
  • Approx Size: 2.7GB  


Roland System 100 Construction Kit

A construction kit recorded with a Roland System 100 Model 101 and a few modular friends.

Includes a Kontakt instrument & several Logic multis with smart controls.

  • Patches: 120
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ (partial)
  • Approx Size: 14.2GB