DX-15 Kontakt instrument now available

A new Kontakt instrument created using the Complex Waveforms portion of the Modular sample library.

DX-15 Beta · DX-15

Modular Sample library Update

The modular sample library has just received a big update, with over 15gb of new content, UVI Falcon patches, better categorization and numerous fixes and improvements.

Modular · 10 FM Sounds From Waveform Library

50 new sounds for Artuiria Microfreak Patch Collection

I’ve updated the Arturia Microfreak patch library with an additional 50 sounds. Existing owners can grab the update in their Gumroad library.

Tragic Automata: An Arturia Microfreak Patch collection

Elektronika EM-25 Library now supports UVI Falcon

EM-25 Samples

Untitled Loop project Granular demo

Untitled Loop project is available for the low price of £3.

Arturia Microfreak Samples

Here’s a repository for some of the curious sounds I’m getting out of the Microfreak. Enjoy :)

Microfreak Samples

MORE Wavetables for Retrosynth

I love Logic’s simple little Retrosynth so much that I’ve added 50 extra wavetables, over 30 new patches and made all the wavetables available as presets so you can keep any sounds you’ve added yourself!


Lilac jam


It’s been bugging me for ages, a public domain sample library should have better support for open formats, right? Well now most libraries have SFZ patches available. In most cases they’re not as refined as their EXS and NKI counterparts but the basic mappings are there. SFZ files on GitHub

S612 Library Demos

Akai s612 ❤️ Modular