System-X is a Kontakt 5 instrument that acts as front end for the Roland System 100 Construction Kit sample library. It takes all the sounds in the library and provides a GUI to control it with. The main tool for sound shaping is the AET morphing filter, this “morphs” between different velocity layers and in this instance is being used to simulate the opening and closing of the System 100’s filter.



  • Three “Oscillators”* each with 12 different waveforms
  • Noise “Oscillator” switchable between white and pink
  • 2 LFO’s. LFO 1 is a sine wave with key tracking. LFO 2 has 3 selectable wave shapes.
  • 4 ADSR Envelopes 3 of which are fully routable to the morph level or pitch of any of the “oscillators”
  • Global morph and morph key tracking controls
  • A chorus effect with mix, depth and speed control
  • 3 alternative configurations with different feature sets (synced LFOs, a monophonic version with all waveforms available at once and a cut down version for low RAM usage. 



Roland Alpha Juno Construction Kit

Here's a lovely water triangle to ease your stressful lifestyle.

One of the best waveforms on the Roland MC-307 is this looped sample of running water, I superimposed it against a triangle from the system 100 here. I might do a whole library like this, natural recordings against analog waveforms..

I start of as one  thing, but end up another
I rarely look the same afterwards
and people say I'm dirty


Everyone needs a freind, here's the System 100 cozying up with a Roland S-220.The S-220 is acting as a second osclilator that classic detuned sound. 


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