DX Suite for Kontakt 6

Analog FM Rompler collection


DX suite is a collection of four Kontakt instruments created with our open source Complex Waveforms library. Each has unique features while sharing the same sound library, a vast collection of FM, AM, wavefolding and waveshaping multisamples recorded on analogue modular gear.

Despite the name, the instruments in DX Suite. Are not intended to be an emulation of any particular synthesizer and sonically inhabit a different universe. Analogue FM is often wild and unpredictable and this is reflected in these instruments.



Three voice semi-modular

The most complex instrument in the suite, DX-30 features 3 independent sound sources with their own filter and amp controls, a modulation matrix with 9 sources & 17 destinations, 2 Envelope generators, 2 LFOs,2 8 step modulation sequencers & a quirky trigger sequencer 



CS-15 inspired Analog FM monster

This instrument follows basic layout of the Yamaha CS-15 mono synth with dual VCO, VCF and VCA, a flexible routing system and multimode filters. DX-15 features a flexible “mixing” system that allows the opperator to creatively mix signals between the two filters. 

dx xoxxs


6 Voice Groovebox

A drum machine/groovebox. DX-X0X has 6 identical voices designed to make drum, percussion and sequenced sounds. To make them dance there is a simple 6 track sequencer with per track ptich and velocity controls. Finally, there are  reverb, delay and compression FX at the end of the chain.



Strength in Simplicity

The smallest and most CPU friendly of the gang. DX-10 is simple and easy to use but with a huge sound.

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