Analog FM Morphing Romper for Kontakt 6

I started building DX-15 with a couple of goals in mind; to create something using our open source Complex Waveforms library and to follow the basic layout of the Yamaha CS-15 mono synth. The CS-15 is effectively two synths in one with dual VCO, VCF and VCA, a flexible routing system and multimode filters.

That said, DX-15 is not intended to be an emulation of the CS and sonically it inhabits a different universe. This is largely due to the sound sources, DX-15 uses a wide variety of FM, AM, wave folding and waveshaping multisamples recorded on analogue modular gear. The result is something much more unpredictable when compared with traditional, digital FM synthesis.
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Over 70 waveforms 

 huge selection of FM, AM, waveshaping, wavefolding & ring mod waves.

Includes a single voice version, DX-10  & slimmed down versions of both DX-15 & DX-10

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Dual Everything

DX-15 has dual oscilators, VCFs, VCAs, LFO and envelopes and super flexible audio mixing allowing for complex layered sounds.

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AET Morphing Filters

Freely modulate between up to 16 layers of samples with the AET morphing filter.